I’m a 31 year old walking contradiction. I’m fueled by emotions and anxiety yet here I am putting myself out there in the open. I’m a loner at heart who hates being around people but have a job that requires working with people all day long and I love it. I cry at humane society commercials and believe those that hurt animals should be tortured but the few times I’ve accidentally caused physical pain to a person ( I have 3 brothers rough housing was a must growing up) I cried. I like to think I have an open heart and soul. I can uncannily sense other people’s feelings good and bad. I’m the person my friends go to when they need to talk about life and what’s happening. I’m flawed and probably more than a little nuts but I wouldn’t change any of it.

Montana is the place I call home. There is nothing like Big Sky Country and bonfires. Smore’s are a must!! Cider is my drink of choice followed by a GTO. My favorite TV series is Criminal Minds. I’m a Harry Potter nerd and I will never apologize for that. I even went to Universal Studios by myself just to hit up the theme park. I grew up on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Gangster Rap. I love to sing (for myself but working on sharing it). Reading is my favorite hobby with my tastes bouncing all over the place. I do freelance photography (mostly boudoir) and enjoy thunderstorms.

Now that I sufficiently feel like we just went speed dating, welcome!