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Changing Tides

Hey Hey!! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. I never imagined I’d find it so difficult to carve out time to write on here but obviously you learn as you go. I come to you on this post with a personal and serious question…can people change? Can people who have hurt you in the past whether it be friends, lovers or family change? Can they truly recognize the damage they’ve caused and be sincerely sorry? More importantly if they ask for a second chance to be apart of your life could you and should you give it to them?

I’ve facing this dilemma right now. I have someone who for many years was important to me both as a friend and romantically. I won’t get into details but bottom line there were lies told to me and much emotional and mental damage was caused. Now a second chance has been asked for, an apology given and I’ll admit ownership has been taken for the negative behavior and hurt it caused.  Trust will undoubtedly need to be rebuilt slowly. The question is should I give that second chance? What happens if this new attitude goes back to the old one once I’ve fully let them back in?

What do you think? Anyone else ever found themselves faced with having to decide to give someone a second chance or not?

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